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Search and rescue

Search and rescue

The maritime search and rescue, often referred to by the acronym for International SAR for Search and rescue, are at the heart of the mission of the CCGA(Q). When it was created in 1978, it was in some way, to make official, the work of the rescue volunteers, to be able to assist the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG). The presence of units along navigable waterways, enable a quick responce  to distress calls.

Distress calls on the waterways of Quebec should always be directed to the Rescue Coordination Centre of the GCC in Quebec City. This can be done in the following ways:

    By dailing 1-800-463-4393
    By using channel 16 on VHF maritime radio  

Depending on the situation and location of the incident, calls will be forwarded to the GCC, to the CCGA(Q), the Québec Provincial Police, or other agencies authorized to perform a rescue.

In 2010, the CCGA(Q) was assigned 35% of the 1,500 calls received by the Rescue Coordination Centre and had interviened in over 500 missions.

From the distress call, to the rescue
When a person finds himself in distress on a waterway, every minute counts.This is sometimes a matter of life or death. Imagine if it was you or one of your loved ones, that was in trouble. You would want to depend on professional help that can respond quickly, and most importantly, effectively.
This is what our volunteer rescuers offer you: a professional service
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