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BOBBIE Program

BOBBIE Program

You know Bobbie? It´s a fun boat the size of a golf cart, which advances, blinks his eyes, and ... talks . He appeals to children and their parents, chatting with them, while using this opportunity to provide them with the basic rules of water safety. In reality, it is an operator of the CCGA (Q) who discreetly operates Bobbie, and speaks into a microphone that converts his voice, before passing through Bobbie´s speakers. A guaranteed success!

The officers accompanying "Bobbie" are trained to make contact with young people by involving them in learning experiences, in boating safety. Sessions can be done with small, medium and large groups.

We can participate in a variety of events: Fairs, Exhibitions, Water Activities, Visits of marinas and yacht clubs, to deliver water safety messages to boaters and the public. We also go to schools.

Our team moves with all the equipment necessary for the presentation, and at a very reasonable price. Contact us at 1-877-746-4385 or email,

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