Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary - Québec
Volunteer Marine Search and Rescue
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Municipalities and RCM on waterways, are regularly faced with issues relating to water safety.


Volunteer rescuers

At a time when municipalities are reviewing their risk coverage plan, to increase the protection of their citizens, without exceeding their budget, a partnership with the CCGA (Q) may be the solution to the riverside municipalities to improve their nautical safety: a quality marine safety service, offered by specialists, at a cost considerably less than if they were to assume it themselves.

The issues of water safety

for municipalities and RCM on waterways

Municipalities and RCM on waterways are regularly faced with issues relating to boating safety. Whether for their own citizens and for tourists who come to visit, access to services for water search and rescue (SAR), is a must. But funding for such services (purchase of equipment, salaries, training, insurance) is so expensive that most municipalities can not provide it. A partnership with the CCGA (Q) may be The solution.

A sensible solution

volunteer rescuers of the CCGA(Q)

The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (Quebec) is a non-profit organisation that has existed for over 40 years. It has nearly 700 qualified volunteer rescuers,who regularly train, located in 55 units, along the waterways of Quebec, the St. Lawrence, Saguenay and Richelieu rivers.
These trained volunteers are:
  • experienced navigators specially certified and trained in Search and Rescue, and have boats accordingly equipped.
  • involved people who make their time, available to their citizens, to reduce the number and severity of accidents on the water, and save lives,  
  • citizens of your community on location, therefore are readily available, and know each stream, each eddy, every reef of the portion of the river they regularly travel.
  • in constant contact with the Rescue Coordination Centre of Quebec of the Canadian Coast Guard that takes all calls for vessels in distress in the country and dispatches them immediately to the nearest available rescue unit .
  • full insurance coverage when performing a mission, for both themselves, and for their boat  
  • must comply with strict standards on the quality and reliability of the services that they affer.
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