Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary - Québec
Volunteer Marine Search and Rescue
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Role of a volunteer maritime rescuer

Does not become a member who wants !!!

You are a navigator?
You have your Pleasure Craft Operator Certificate?
You like to serve?
You have a good physical condition?

Why not join the great team of the CCGA(Q)? We need you!

A rescue volunteer of the CCGA (Q) is an experienced navigator that combines his passion for boating, with his desire to help others. His first role is to rescue people in difficulty or distress. He must therefore be available, mainly during the navigation season, in order to answer calls. He must also participate in the life of the unit, help in promoting it , undergo training and participate in practical exercises in order to keep up to date so as to be ready, when it really matters.

A member of the CCGA (Q) is a volunteer and is not paid for the work he does. He works in support of the Canadian Coast Guard, under a contribution and partnership agreement with it. On the other hand, a person who becomes a member of the Auxiliary will be part of a great team, whose history is filled with many feats of successful missions, and lives saved. 

Our members are motivated by pride.

Their mission will always remain the same, to avoid accidents or reduce their severity, and above all: save 100% of lives at risk.

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