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Volunteer Marine Search and Rescue
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Make a donation

Make a donation

CCGA(Q) is funded in part by the Canadian Coast Guard to which it assists. This funding pays for the reimbursement of expenses incurred during a mission, and insurance for its members. But, the organization must find additional funds to maintain its rescue services, provide its members with adequate search and rescue equipment and material, and to assure them continual training.

Your support for our mission of search and rescue, is essential so that we can continue to provide a comprehensive and high-quality search and rescue service.

Donations to the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (Quebec) will help our members to buy, repair or renew their equipment, and in some cases, to even purchase a defibrillator. They also serve to inform the public of the important role that the
CCGA-Q plays in the activities of boating safety, awareness and prevention.

It´s simple and easy to make a contribution to the CCGA(Q).

By mail

Send with your payment to:
17,  rue du Prince
Sorel-Tracy, Qc
J3P 4J4

By phone

Call 1-877-746-4385 to obtain a form.

Please make checks or money orders to Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary(Quebec) inc. Do not send cash.

All donations to the CCGA(Q) are tax deductible. The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (Quebec) Inc, is a registered charity (870298494RR0001).

The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary does not share your information with any other organization

Donate a vessel or equipment

Donate a vessel or equipment

  • You practiced commercial fishing or pleasure boating for many years, but the time has come to put your feet on the ground for good?
  • You would like that your vessel continues to be used, to enable rescue missions?
You can donate it to the CCGA(Q) by a very simple procedure.

You fill in and sign the "Transfer of property" form that we send you. When the transfer is done, the CCGA(Q) takes care of the haul-out and transport charges. And as a charitable organization (870298494RR0001), the CCGA(Q), will issue you a charitable donation receipt for the market value of your boat, enabling you a income tax deduction.

For more information, call 1-877-746-4385, or send a request for information to :

Planned donation

You or one of your loved ones, had their lives saved by one of our volenteer rescuers? You believe in our mission and would like part of your legacy to be used to support us?

It is as simple as adding it, to your will and testament, by either yourself or a notary

If you want to leave a specified amount, here is a simple statement that can be included:

"I make a donation of __________ $, to the Canadian Coast Guard (Quebec) Inc."


Bequeath estate

If you want to leave the remainder, or part of the residue of your estate, or what is left after the taxes were collected, the legal and administrative fees have been paid and that your heirs have received their respective heritage, here is a model wording.

´I bequeath the residue of my estate (or xx% of the residue of my estate) to Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (Québec) Inc.´

Commemorative donation

To make a donation in memory of a parent or friend  
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