Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary - Québec
Volunteer Marine Search and Rescue
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The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (Quebec) is a non-profit organization that was founded over 30 years ago. It brings together volunteers specialized in maritime search and rescue. It´s territory is located along the St. Lawrence River, from the Ontario border to Blanc-Sablon on the north shore, and up to Baie des Chaleurs on the south shore, and also along the Richelieu and Saguenay rivers.  

The CCGA-(Q) has nearly 700 members, from the 5000 Coast Guard Auxiliary, specially trained for their mission. They are divided into 55 units, located along the navigable waterways. The fleet includes about 140 boats, of which fifteen belong to the organization, with the others being provided by the members themselves.

The rescuers are volunteers. The only material compensation they receive is reimbursement of costs associated with their interventions. It is the Rescue Coordination Centre of the CCG, located in Quebec, that receives distress calls and routes them to the nearest available rescue unit.
CCGA-Québec is part of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary GCAC - National Inc, with four other areas:

  • GCAC - Pacific Inc.
  • GCAC - Central and Arctic Inc.
  • GCAC - Maritimes Inc.
  • GCAC - Newfoundland and Labrador inc.
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